About Dave Jetson

Dave Jetson, the founder of Living True Inc., is the author of Finding Emotional Freedom, Access the Truth Your Brain Already Knows and True Boundaries: How to Foster Respect, Safety, and Freedom in Relationships. It is said that counselors can only take clients as deep as they have emotionally gone themselves. Dave has extensively explored his personal emotional obstacles, which allows him to guide participants to explore their issues as deep as they would like. He facilitates healing workshops, groups, and training programs for individuals, families, organizations and groups. Dave is prepared to speak on many different topics that help facilitate connection, reflection, and hope. The therapeutic approach he has created helps participants explore issues with a different set of eyes in ways that create a deeper lasting change. Dave currently resides in Rapid City, South Dakota, with his wife and partner, Liz Thorn-Jetson, where both have private counseling practices.

Dave has led workshops and public speaking engagements throughout the United States as well as in Panama, Chile, and Australia. He holds a MS in Counseling, is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health and a Qualified Mental Health Professional. He is a contract therapist with Onsite Workshops near Nashville, Tennessee. Living True Inc. is in the process of expanding these services throughout the United States and internationally and is headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota.