Finding Emotional Freedom

Finding Emotional FreedomIt’s finally finished! My first book, Finding Emotional Freedom: Access the Truth Your Brain Already Knows, is now available in both print and electronic editions.

The book combines current brain research with my years of experience in doing intuitive/experiential therapy with clients. It is a guidebook to the process and the possibilities of this kind of healing.

Finding Emotional Freedom would never have been written without the encouragement and support of my clients. I am deeply grateful to all those who have the courage and trust to persevere through the hard work of the journey toward emotional freedom and recovery. I also appreciate those who kept asking, “When are you going to write a book to describe the process of this deep recovery work?”

The book is available at the following sites:

Print edition at Amazon.

Kindle edition at Amazon.

Nook edition at Barnes and Noble.

Apple iBooks, Sony, Kobo, and other e-reader editions will be available soon at their respective stores. Right now all these versions can be purchased at Smashwords.