Couples Workshops

Couples Intensive:
Unlike the other Living True couples workshops, this program is for one couple wishing to explore their coupleship (relationship) without the distraction of other participants – just a counselor. It helps them intuitively explore relationship patterns, obstacles in the relationship, as well as strengths and dreams. Couples often come away with an enlightened awareness of their coupleship, as well as new tools to help strengthen their love, commitment, and compassion for each other.

Relationship Dynamics:
This workshop is open to multiple couples, and provides an opportunity for each couple to better understand themselves as individuals and as a couple, and to understand how their coupleship interacts with others. It helps each couple recognize their strengths, and develop skills to address and work through their weaknesses.

Love, Money and Couples:
The topic of money is often a source of tension for couples, generally holding the title as the first or second “most conflict inspiring issue”, according to many surveys. This workshop helps couples understand what emotional energy they each place on money and how this relationship with money can create unity or tension in the coupleship. The program helps couples develop tools and skills to reduce tension around money and enjoy more peace and security in their relationship.

Couples and Sexuality:
Sex and sexuality is a topic that can create great tension for couples but is typically very hard to discuss openly and honestly. This workshop explores the emotional and power struggles around sex in coupleships. Techniques supporting a couple’s ability to talk about sex in a safe and respectful manner will be explored. Couples are taught the power of foreplay and how it can help minimize the power struggle associated with sex.

Intimate and Honest Relationship Training:
Many couples want an intimate and honest relationship but lack the skills to truly create one. This workshop explores what truly intimate and honest patterns in a relationship look like, and the obstacles that can prevent or limit these traits. Exercises will be offered to help participants feel intimacy and honesty and begin to foster them in their relationship.