Individual Workshops

Individual Intensive:
An individual intensive workshop invites an individual person to work on whatever issues they wish to explore with a therapist individually. These workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant.

Common workshop themes:

The anger workshop is designed to help participants better understand the origins of their anger and release the energy of that emotion in a safe and respectful fashion that does not hurt themselves, others, or anything of importance. As well as intuitive experiential work that helps participants release much of their anger, the program teaches techniques to help address and manage anger going forward in healthy and respectful ways.

This workshop helps participants recognize their anxiety patterns and explore the origins of these patterns. The intuitive experiential exercises help reduce and possibly eliminate some anxieties.

Inner Child:
This workshop is designed to help participants recognize their neglected Inner Child, and discover the origin of their patterns of becoming too serious and responsible. It helps participants see, feel, and experience innocent ways of playing that are respectful of themselves and others. This program demonstrates how playing and having fun can actually help participants become more creative and engaging in their lives.

Body Language:
This workshop increases participants’ awareness and understanding of their own body language and that of others. While our words can and do lie, our body language and true feelings never lie. This workshop helps them connect with the emotional truth that our bodies communicate.

This workshop demonstrates the origins of codependency, a learned pattern we are taught from birth, and the destructive fruits it creates. This technique sets up scenes to help people see and understand a deep truth that affects their lives. Attendees are invited to participate in exercises to explore the physical and emotional aspects of codependency that negatively affect them and limit their emotional freedom,

Freedom From Negative Self-Talk:
This workshop helps participants recognize the negative messages we tell ourselves and have accepted as truth, messages which prevent us from seeing ourselves as we really are. Participants in this workshop discover the origins of these lies, and understand the negative payoffs we get that keep us living in this pattern, creating obstacles for ourselves. Through intuitive experiential work, participants can begin changing these negative messages to positive, lasting messages that we do not have to tell ourselves each day but that we embrace because we feel them naturally.

This workshop explores all forms of trauma including physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, ritual, abandonment, and disability. Emotional trauma exists in all our lives and can be as intense as having narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation, or as seemingly insignificant as being asked to stop crying. However, if we do not connect with the true, deep feelings around these experiences, give them an emotional voice, feel and release them, they get stuck in our subconscious as emotional trauma and often negatively affect our lives. In this workshop, participants are given opportunities to work through and release their individual trauma patterns.

The Wilderness workshop is designed for those with adventuresome spirits to explore different emotional obstacles within themselves while enjoying the outdoors. Emotional patterns and triggers often arise from the outdoor setting and experiences, and participants learn techniques to address these patterns in a natural environment that is innately calming and offers emotional cleansing.