Organizational Workshops

The Dysfunctional Organization:
This workshop is designed for the any business, corporation, or group wishing to explore the emotional patterns and temperature of their organization. Through experiential exercises, participants will explore and identify patterns that work well, as well as those that are destructive. The destructive patterns will be reframed, and felt to create positive change and growth for the organization.

Team Building:
Every business and organization strives for supportive, understanding, and unified teams. This workshop explores the building blocks of the organization and offers a variety of healthy patterns members can explore as possible solutions. Armed with these resources participants can collectively choose and implement tools they can use to come together creating healthy, happy, and productive teams.

Communication Skills:
Research is showing that, when it comes to communication and decision-making, we have three brains rather than one. The brain that we believe is in charge, actually is not. This workshop explores how these three brains work together. Participants will learn techniques, based on brain research, to help them communicate more clearly, consistently, and effectively.

Negotiating Skills:
A common assumption is that groups can make better decisions by taking the emotions out of the process. Yet when we take the emotions out of our decisions, we are taking over 90% of our decision-making power out as well. This workshop is designed to help organizations better understand how our brains make decisions and learn ways to welcome the full brain to the table in order to make healthier, more functional decisions that individuals are more likely to carry out effectively.