Helping people find their emotional congruence through training, talks, and workshops.

When your words, actions, true feelings, and thoughts say the same thing, there is emotional congruence. Living True Inc. is about helping people find their emotional congruence. By offering training, talks, and workshops, Living True Inc. can help you find more emotional peace, harmony, and contentment in your life, personally and professionally.

Next Tools & Techniques of IET Training – April 13-16

3 One Day Intensive Workshops – March 16-18

Intuitive Experiential Therapy allows you to take your practice to a new level by helping the client explore as emotionally deep as they are ready and willing to go.

Intuitive Experiential Therapy allows the client to see feel and experience their emotional history in a way that creates lasting positive changes.

Meet your instructor

Dave Jetson, MS, LPC-MH, LCPC is in private practice as a counselor in Rapid City, SD.

He has led over 100 Intuitive Experiential Therapy workshops, nationally and internationally, using intuitive experiential techniques. Dave is an international speaker and has authored two books. Dave has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Investment Advisor, Self, and QI – The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness.

Dave specializes in all forms of trauma, depression, anxiety, marriage and relationships, mild traumatic brain injury issues, the psychology of money, and deals with family issues.