About Living True

Living True Inc. helps people and organizations learn and practice a more congruent and emotionally healthy way of interacting and living. Support at Living True isn’t about ‘fixing’ you, it’s about seeing you – the real you – so you can live your fullest life.

Philosophy: Everyone has a true pearl of great worth within ourselves. We were born with it. Yet it is a treasure that few of us actually see in ourselves because it becomes so deeply hidden.

“The work of Living True Inc. is to help participants connect with this pearl, the truth of who they are.”

Using the Intuitive Experiential approach you are able to uncover deep insights that set your true self free and allow your natural positive self to come forth.

How we work: Living True Inc. offers intuitive experiential therapy for individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations who suffer from emotional distress which contributes to a range of affliction that play out in everyday lives including poverty, addictions, codependency, anger, anxiety, loneliness, emotional entrapment, poor decision making, and emotional isolation.

Intuitive experiential therapy helps you connect with, express, feel, and release unresolved feelings that have had a negative impact on your life. We help people and organizations uncover and work through core issues in ways that create lasting positive changes in themselves and their environment.