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Finding Emotional Freedom: Access the Truth Your Brain Already Knows

Emotional freedom is our birthright, but most of us don’t know how to find it. This book provides a path.

Dave Jetson, MS, is trained in intuitive experiential therapy, which accesses both the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain. In this book, he combines current brain research with his years of experience to offer a compelling method of deep recovery and transformation.

Setting True Boundaries

Do you feel like people don t respect you? Maybe they ignore what you want or just take advantage of you. When that happens, life doesn’t seem fair. But a sense of fairness can exist between you and everyone in your life when you learn to set true boundaries.

Dave Jetson, a licensed professional counselor, has made a career out of helping people set boundaries. Now, in Setting True Boundaries, he will share with you the strategies his clients have used to transform their relationships and find peace of mind. In this book, you will learn what true boundaries are and the components that actually create trust, safety, and respect.