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Financial Therapy Workshop

Financial Therapy Workshop
Sponsored by: Living True, Inc.
Presented by Dave Jetson

This 4 1/2-day workshop is to work at an intuitive emotional level to gain new insights into the patterns that have shaped your thoughts, beliefs and self-worth around finances. This workshop will shed light on how financial patterns and beliefs may be negatively impacting personal and work relationships.  There will be real money exercises associated with this workshop that requires a minimum of $20.00 that each person is willing to part with.  This workshop will help:

Explore the emotions behind your financial decisions
Explore your money triggers
learn about family / relationship dynamics around money
Explore generational patterns around money and finances
Create balanced self-care around money and finances
Explore how your relationship with money and finances can negatively impact relationships and clients
Identify your underlying beliefs and feelings around money
Explore the differences between Financial Self-Worth, Financial Net-Worth and Financial Self-Esteem
Create balanced self care around money and finances
Explore how your self-worth impacts the way you Save/Spend money
Explore the relationship of Shopping with Financial Self-Worth
Explore your relationship with money
Recognize and label self-defeating patterns in your relationships around money
Explore your emotional obstacles to financial freedom
Explore addictive patterns associated with money and finances
Explore codependency and cultural patterns around money and finances

This workshop will benefit anyone that is uncomfortable with the way they feel around money and finances. The workshop will shed light on issues and options to help you feel more comfortable and confident with money and finances.

Where:        Terra Sancta, Rapid City, SD
View the resort website at:
When:        Monday, September 25 @ 8:30 am thru
Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 1:00
Cost:        $2,650.00 includes workshop, food and lodging

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