Financial Workshops

Financial Recovery Program:
This workshop explores the true underlying motivations associated with money. Participants are invited to join in real money exercises, that help them better understand their individual motivations and patterns around money.

Love, Money and Couples:
Money is either the most or second-most creator of tension for most couples, according to many surveys on this issue. This workshop helps couples understand what emotional energy they each place on money and how this relationship with money can create unity or tension in the coupleship. The program helps couples develop tools and skills to reduce tension around money.

Successful Money Negotiations:
Understanding the underlying emotional motivations of each party around the negotiation table is critical. This workshop helps create scenarios for participants/teams/organizations to consider and explore the deeper emotional patterns that actually drive negotiations. Negotiations like home purchases, working with contractors, or automobile purchases, happen for all of us. In business, negotiating a salary, professional contracts, and other financial dealings all have an emotional component that will drive the success or lack of success in the negotiating process.


Monday, September 25 @ 8:30 am thru Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 1:00

Terra Sancta Retreat Center, Rapid City, SD

Email for more information and to register: