Wilderness Workshops

Nature has much to teach us and is a great resource in helping us connect with our emotional truth. This workshop is designed to enjoy that outdoor experience in a therapeutic fashion that is validating and enriching. This workshop will include adventuring in the wilderness, backpacking, hiking, horses, camp fires, trees, fresh air and rocks. This workshop will:

  • Explore emotional patterns that limit our desire to do the things that nurture us
  • Explore ways to validate and express true feelings in a safe and respectful way
  • Explore how our truth of who we are is resonate in our true feelings
  • Explore how we hide our true feelings
  • Explore how hiding our true feelings fosters negative self-talk
  • Connect how creating emotional freedom reduces negative self-talk
  • Explore emotional triggers and their origins
  • Connect with the patterns that are felt in the body when an emotional trigger is starting
  • Explore effective options to release the emotional energy the emotional trigger is stirring within
  • Explore the benefits and payoffs with connecting with our emotional truth